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Mindfulness Classes For Kids

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Mindfulness Classes for Children

HBA deliver mindfulness classes for kids aged 6 to 12 in Manchester and Cheshire. Our mindfulness for children course is a structured 12 week program based in Parsonage Gardens in Didsbury, South Manchester. The course aims to:

Mindfulness Lessons for Kids - Fuel Your Child's Mental Health


Our mindfulness classes for kids are designed to teach young people the skills of meditation and mindful living to manage challenges and emotions. 

HBA deliver fun, engaging and enjoyable mindfulness classes that encourage children to consider their attention and learn how to control and focus it. It enables kids to have ownership of their emotions and learn how to manage their emotions through, easy to understand and simple techniques. Using fun and child friendly resources including games, video, kinesthetic activities and mindful movement to help children to feel calm, happy, content, in control, capable, able to be present and mindful. 

The techniques and tools should be taught to every child to help equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to keep a healthy mind, spirit and outlook. Enabling them the opportunity to train their minds and focus on their mind, thoughts and feelings. 

Mindfulness classes help to improve young people’s well-being, happiness and sense of achievement and gratitude in life. Whilst also helping to manage and reduce stress and anxiety. By providing young people with the skills to manage their emotions and develop lifelong skills to support their mental health by being able to to incorporate mindfulness into everyday life.

Students learn to understand the mind, the value of being present and the art of being happy.

Our Mindfulness course for kids runs for 12 weeks and costs £144 (£12 per 1 hour class).

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Why HBA?


14 years experience in teaching and working with children. Trained mindfulness practitioner. Mother of two.


Expert guidance in a fun, rewarding, encouraging and supportive environment. Aiding children to explore in an engaging and interesting manner. 

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Our approach is to ensure that all students are engaged, challenged, stimulated, learning, developing and enjoying themselves every step of the way. 

Led by Passion

First Class Acting, LAMDA and Mindfulness Tuition

Mindfulness for kids

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Mindfulness classes for children in Manchester are held in Didsbury at Parsonage Gardens on a Tuesday evening. Contact us for more information.


My clients say...

Hannah has helped our daughter enormously. Her confidence has soared. After a rehearsal session with Hannah her whole posture changed from nervous and unsure to peacock proud and confident.

Esther Burns

Fabulous, friendly and professional. We would highly recommend HBA, my daughter looks forward to it all week!

Laura Shakeshaft

Hannah is hard-working, incredibly passionate and committed. She guided me with patience and kindness, as well as making sure I was organised in my approach to practicing regularly and efficiently.

Natascha Eldridge

Motivational, passionate and deeply skilled, are three characteristics which Hannah never fails to demonstrate. She is one to be in awe of and definitely one to have as an educator. Her teaching makes a difference

Elizabeth Webber

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